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Last date of Admission to the
Nursing Course is on 30th Sept 2010
Merit List of the selected candidates
for admission to the Nursing
Course during 2009-10
  1. Bsc Nursing
  2. General Nursing
Bachelors in Science Nursing
A 4-year program offered at Kamala College of Nursing, that prepare the student to practice across all health care settings. The course of study combines the theory and the practice of nursing, with general education in the humanities and behavioral, biological, and physical sciences. These serve as a core for the department of the nursing major. A B.Sc., Nurse is required for entry into a Master's Degree in nursing program that prepares you for leadership, management and more independent roles, such as clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, educator and researcher. A B.Sc., Nurse is preferred and often required for military nursing, case management, public health nursing, overseas/development nursing, forensic nursing and school nursing.
1 Year Bachelor of Nursing
Main Subjects-Theory
  Basic Principles & Practice of Nursing
  Psychology : General Phychology
  Educational Psychology
  Introduction to Community Health Nursing
2 Year Bachelor of Nursing
  Medical Surgical Nursing - I
  Community Health Nursing - I
  Statistics & Introduction to Nursing Research
  Growth & Development including Nutrition
3 Year Bachelor of Nursing
  Midwifery including Maternity & Gynecological Nursing -II
  Medical Surgical Nursing - II
  Child Health Nursing
  Mental Health Nursing
  Nursing Education
4 Year Bachelor of Nursing
  Midwifery including Maternity & Gynecological Nursing -II
  Community Health Nursing - II
  Nursing Administration
  Trends and Issues in Nursing
i. Yoga
ii. Appreciation of Fine Arts
iii. Computer Science
General Nursing & Midwifery
Nursing is probably the noblest of all professions. The profession is very rewarding in terms of the satisfaction that is derived from serving. It also calls for complete dedication, patience, sacrifice, love and care for the sick. Nursing is also a means for many aspiring students to work abroad as the demand for specialized nurses is increasing.Our students will be imparted clinical training under the guidance of well experienced staffs in prestigious hospitals.
1 Year General Nursing

I    Biological Sciences

      (i)   Anatomy & Physiology
      (ii)  Microbiology

II   Behavioral Sciences

      (i)   Psychology
      (ii)  Sociology

III   Fundamentals of Nursing

      (i)    Fundamentals of Nursing
      (ii)   First Aid
      (iii)  Personal Hygiene

IV  Community Health Nursing

      (i)    Community Health Nursing - I
      (ii)   Environmental Hygiene
      (iii)  Health Education & Communication               Skills

V   English

2 Year of General Nursing
I    Medical Surgical Nursing - I (including Pharmacology)
II   Medical Surgical Nursing - II
III  Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing
IV  Computer Education
3 Year of General Nursing
1   Midwifery and Gynecology
II   Community Health Nursing
III   Pediatric Nursing
Internship Period

I     Educational Methods & Media for teaching in practice of         Nursing
II   Introduction to Research
III   Professional Trends & Adjustment
IV  Administration and Ward Management
V   Health Economics